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Paper Reliefs with the Springerle Molds

Masses of paper embossed with molds were already used in the 14th/15th century for the decoration of cards, medallions, boxes made of thin split wood, small paste boxes or little devotional images.

Cards with mold-embossed paper reliefs are still a special personal surprise as Christmas greetings, good wishes for the New Year and many other occasions.

The oldest historical records on the manufacture of mold-embossed paper castings can be found at the Nuremberg Municipal Library and date back to 1510.

Recipe for Paper Reliefs

This recipe is still the best for anyone who would like to make paper reliefs on their own:


1 sheet special paper (available in our store: 0701; one sheet yields approximately 24 paper reliefs in the size of 70mm / 2.8")


Tear the paper into small pieces and place in two liters of water overnight. Then boil for half an hour and mix with the hand-held mixer until it turns into a fine mush (pulp).

Paint the baking mold with a little bit of light oil (paraffin oil), skim off the required amount of paper pulp with a tea strainer and place it on the mold. Use a natural sponge to suck the water out of the mush until it is as dry as possible. Press the paper pulp into the mold with your fingers. Continue to dry with paper towels until the relief is clearly visible. Pluck off the excess paper at the edge of the mold, carefully remove the paper relief from the mold and let air-dry for two days.

Paste the well-dried paper casting to the desired object with hot glue.



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