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Privacy Statement

Data protection and privacy are very important to us. In this regard, we are committed to complying with all related national laws and EU regulations. We aspire for you to be safe on our websites and protect you and your personal data.

Please note that we process almost all personal data manually and locally on our computers which are not equipped with automatic interfaces to the Internet. We do not store any personal data on online or in the cloud. We consider all personal data to be trade secrets which we do not share with third parties under any circumstances. Any third parties we commission in individual situations must adhere to the same data protection standards.

Stored personal data

We store your data - namely contact data such as addresses, telephone number, e-mail as well as purchased products and other invoicing data - which accumulates as part of your orders via telephone, e-mail or in our online shop. We delete such data according to the legal retention periods.

We store your data - namely name, e-mail address, registration date and type of registration - which accumulate in the context of your subscription to our newsletter.

We do not store any superfluous personal data which does not serve to support the proper execution of our order processing or your informational needs.

Use of personal data

We use your data for invoicing, shipping and for communication with you before, during and after the sale of our products.

We use your data to send our newsletter which we dispatch twice or three times per year to customers who have registered to receive it.

Transfer of personal data

We do not pass on any of your data to third parties, only to sales partners or your e-mail address to PayPal in case of pre-payments, or your address to delivery services, if so required.

We do not use any personal data for marketing purposes, except that of registered users who have provided consent to receiving our newsletter.

Deleting personal data

If you informally communicate to us that you would like us to delete your data, we will do so immediately. This generally concerns deleting your newsletter subscription. Where we might be legally obligated to retain your personal data, we will delete it immediately after the legal retention periods have expired.

Right to information and rectification of personal data

Naturally, you have the right to inquire with us which of your data we store and for what purposes we use it. You also have the right to correct your data in case the data we have stored is incorrect. Simply contact us.

Technical information

Here is some technical information regarding our online offer and data processing:

Encrypted connection

The technical communication between your end device and our server is of course encrypted, no data is visible to third parties. To this end, we us an SSL connection.

Active content

Whenever possible, we do not use any active content for our Internet presence, only the online shop requires a browser which supports JavaScript. Only the data of completed orders and the shopping basket are stored on your device. The shopping cart only leaves your browser when the order is sent and is not used for advertising purposes. You may also use our contact form to order if you prefer an alternative without active content.


We do not use any cookies, trackers or any other kind of tracking technologies.

On our german welcome page we have put a link to our Facebook page. In doing so, we do not use the method prescribed by Facebook, namely tracking every visitor of our page in passing. Instead, this is a normal link which will only register with Facebook if a visitor actually clicks on the link. Yes, you read correctly. On almost all sites with such links, you will be tracked by Facebook, as you are also being tracked and followed via Google Analytics on almost all sites. But not with us.

Server log

The hosting provider ( creates log files in order to be able to provide the services reliably, technically faultlessly and also in compliance with the law. These are evaluated and used by Hostpoint for specific purposes. We sporadically evaluate the server statistics generated from this, whereby no conclusions can be drawn about individual users.

When submitting a form (placing an order, contacting us, unsubscribing from the newsletter) on the website, the information entered and relevant metadata (IP addresses, user agent) are stored. This serves the purpose of order processing, error analysis and the prevention of misuse.

Final remarks

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. We will gladly answer your questions as quickly as possible.